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Fuji Apple 2x1

Sweet Crisp Apples & Fall Vegetables!

In the barn this week: As we near the end of the apple crop picking for this season, the barn is filling up with lots of variety choices: This week we’re picking Arkansas Black – With it’s deep red almost black appearance the Arkansas Black is correctly named. This sweet/tart apple is either loved or hated. A great keeper apple, when first picked it is rock hard and not very juicy. But one, two . . . . three months in storage you’ll be amazed at how sweet and mellow this apple becomes in the middle of winter when you long for that fresh flavor of fall! Granny Smith – has crisp mouth-watering tartness. Bright green Granny Smith has a pink blush. Its tartness really comes through when baked and sautéed. Crispin – used to be known as Mutsu, this crispy, sweet apple is known to be very juicy,  Gala– a crisp, sweet, juicy apple, Red Delicious – this is what everyone thinks of when they think of an apple!, Golden Delicious– everyone’s favorite sweet yellow apple, Fuji– a firm apple with a unique sweet-tart taste, JonaGold– a cross between a sweet Golden Delicious and a tart Jonathan, this is an excellent apple for pies and baking. Or just eat it! We also have Old Fashioned Winesap–an apple with a spicy old-fashioned flavor that makes it the cider maker’s first choice. Violet red in color, it’s great as a snack and in salads. Winesap is also a great keeper for winter. All are great for eating & cooking!

Come See Us!

Apple prices are $2/lb – $4/ qt (2lbs), $8/half-peck (5lbs), $15/peck (10lbs), $22/half-bushel (21lbs)

Pumpkin Festival continues weekends through the end of October. Check out the details below.

During the week you’ll find our Apple Barn, Concession Stand & Playground are open while the festival activities are limited to the fall weekends.

We’re making fresh sweet apple cider weekly. Stop by for a fresh taste.

Apple Cider pricing is $7.50/gallon, $5/half-gallon, $3/quart & $2/pint

The concession stand is open with Fried Apple & Peach Pies, Homemade Peach Ice Cream, Apple Cider Slushes, Peach Sundaes & More. 

Children’s activities: Playground is open-$2 | ages 4-18. (We add extra items during Pumpkin Festival and the price changes to $3 for the entire day.)

More fresh picks include: New Crop Sweet Potatoes, Locally grown Tomatoes – Heirloom, Green, Big Beefy; Acorn & Butternut Squash, Onions, New & Red Potatoes.

And new crop Honey

* All prices are subject to change.

The shelves are stocked with your favorites:

  • Jams, Jellies, Preserves, Butters & Marmalades (including some sugar-free options)
  • Honey
  • Popcorn
  • Dressings, Relishes, Salsas, Sauces & Syrup
  • Basket Bounty Soups & Dips Dry Mixes Plus Breakfast & Desserts
  • Pickled Vegetables & Jarred Desserts
  • Kentucky Mountain Coffee

The greenhouse is winding down:

  • Some of our orchard-quality apple, peach & cherry fruit trees are still available ($19.95 each)
    • APPLE
    • Golden Delicious
    • Gala
    • Fuji
    • PEACH
    • Coral Star
    • Flaming Fury
    • Redhaven
    • Rich May
    • Rising Star
    • CHERRY
    • Sweet Cherry
    • Sour Cherry

We look forward to your visit. Give us a call if you have any questions: 270.781.5303

As always, check-in on our social media channels for current specials or events.

Coming up:

Pumpkin Festival runs 5 weekends starting Saturday, Sept 29th.

Sept 29 & 30, Oct 6 & 7, 13 & 14, 20 & 21 and 27 & 28.

Pick-Your-Own Apples are available as part of our five Pumpkin Festival Weekends (or while supplies last)

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Current hours are 8am-6pm Monday-Saturday, 1pm-6pm on Sunday.

Map & Directions Use this link

When will your favorite peaches or apples be ready? Use this link to see our Peach & Apple Varieties List

Concession Stand Pricing

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