March 1966, The Beginning of Jackson’s Orchard

In January of 1966 Bill Jackson, the FMC Agricultural Chemicals salesman, was making a call on Ed Hudgens, the 89 year-old orchard owner; when Hudgens said something along these lines “instead of selling me chemicals why don’t you just buy this farm ’cause I’m way past needing to retire.”

That sparked a renewal of a long time dream, by March Bill & Shirley were signing the papers to purchase their very own orchard and Jackson’s Orchard was born! With land somewhat neglected and trees at or past maturity a tree planting program was begun that continues to this day. New facilities were soon built and expanded and this hilltop that had been an orchard since the turn of the 20th century has continued grow and develop into the 21st century!

On Saturday, August 22, 2015 we celebrated 5o years of Jackson’s Orchard! And with the involvement of second and third generation family members a hope that it continues on into the future!

We enjoyed cake, door prizes, other promotions, guest speakers and the unveiling of our 50 year timeline, The History of Jackson’s Orchard.

Got a question about Jackson’s Orchard? Ask us while you’re here. There’s usually always a family member around.

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