Playground | 2021

The Jackson’s Orchard playground is open during our regular business hours to ages 4-21 at a cost of $2 for the entire day ($3 during Pumpkin Festival when extra items are added). With each new season we strive to update and add new items to our playground. And don’t forget the Goat Ranch it’s sort of a petting zoo area where you can feed and pet them! Pavillion - 01Presentation - 203Presentation - 204Presentation - 231Presentation - 244IMG_3749 IMG_4836 IMG_3731 IMG_6212                         We also have a small play area in the picnic area in front of the Apple Barn for younger, supervised children. 2015-07-02 11.34.23 John pushes his grandson Max at a Jackson's Orchard. "Great day to pick out a pumpkin."