Apple & Peach Varieties List

When Can I Get My Favorite Variety?

Click here to view and download pdf: 2021 JO Varieties List

Now, we can’t control the weather but here are the approximate dates for this season. Click on the link to download the full list or read on and we’ll give you a quick overview.

Regarding shipping – we will be glad to ship you your favorite apples. Peaches are a lot more delicate so conditions have to be just right but in either case please give us a call and let’s discuss (2707815303).


The Apple Harvest begins around the middle of June and continues into October. During that time Jackson’s has a number of tasty varieties to choose from.

You can enjoy fresh made Apple Cider from September through November. During the cider making process we squeeze a combination of sweet and tart apples then pasteurize the juice to create a sweet, enjoyable drink that the whole family will enjoy.


Umm . . . Peaches.

Around here July and August means Jackson’s Peaches. We work hard year-‘round to offer you some of the finest peaches you will find anywhere. All of our peaches are thinned and then hand thinned so that each are big and beautiful. We hand pick each peach at full ripeness, so that each bite you take is juicy and sweet and that each peach is ready to eat when you purchase it.