Jackson’s Orchard

Jackson's Orchard


The Greenhouse

From Opening Day until around Memorial Day our greenhouse is the primary focus of attention here at Jackson’s Orchard. We offer a wide range of annuals, perennials, bedding plants, hanging baskets, herbs, fruit and vegetable plants and our specialty . . . orchard-quality fruit trees. Spring is a time of renewal so come see us to make your home and yard beautiful for the upcoming season!

Fruit of the Month

Ship a taste of home from Bowling Green to your favorite friend, loved one or business acquaintance. Just $29.95 including shipping sends them a fresh Kentucky fruit plus a jar of something special for the season!

Pick-Your-Own Apples

During certain times of the fall we set aside some of our fields to allow you to pick your own apples right off the tree. We’ll give you a peck bag which you can fill up for $15 or simply pick a few at $2/pound.   2019 | Dates: AppleFest Labor[…]

Inspirational T-Shirt of the Month

Over 50 years ago Bill & Shirley Jackson started their family-owned business with a few trees and lots of faith. That same faith has guided them throughout all the ups and downs of their life. Each month they’d like to now “pay if forward” and share with you some messages[…]

This Week at Jackson’s Orchard

Peaches & Apples, Apples & Peaches. This week we’re picking our Coral Star & Contender Peach variety–both are a big, yellow, freestone peach, we are also picking Blushing Star, one of our WHITE freestone peach varieties and have begun picking our Flaming Fury, yellow freestone variety. ($4.50/qt|$9.00/2 qt.|$12.50/half peck and $2.99/lb)[…]

This Week at Jackson’s

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