When do peaches start? Do you have a list of all the different apples & peaches you sell? And when?

Here is a link to take you to the latest information about when to expect our Peach & Apple varieties to be available: Peach & Apple Varieties List

Are you open during the week?

Jackson’s Orchard is a year-’round working farm. We are open to the public mid-April through mid-November. Most of the year we are open Monday through Saturday. During September & October we are also open on Sunday afternoons.

What are your hours?

Monday -Saturday 8am – 6pm (when Daylight Savings Time changes in November our hours change to 8am-5pm).

Sundays (September & October only) 1pm-6pm.

What does it cost to get it?

There is no cost to come to the farm or park, we want you to visit our retail Apple Barn anytime during normal operating hours. There is a small fee to visit the playground which helps us with upkeep & safety of the play area. Also there are various fees for activities during our Pumpkin Festival weekends.

Do you take credit cards?

We take Master Charge and VISA credit cards at the Apple Barn main check out as well as in the Concession Stand. During special events all our other stations are cash only as they do not have access to phone lines.

What can I do during the week?

Depending on the time of year during the week you will find our retail Apple Barn, Concession Stand (usually after July 4th) and Playground open. All other activities –such as Pumpkin Festival hayrides, pumpkin patch, corn maze & U pick Apple Picking– are limited to weekends only.

May I bring my pet?

No, unfortunately due to abuse by others we’ve had to stop allowing visitors to bring their pets to the farm. We have various animals around the property (including the petting zoo during the Pumpkin Festival) and for their protection as well as yours we’ve had to discontinue that practice. Thank you for understanding.

What about a service animal?

Service animals are welcome if under leash and under control.

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